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About our classes 


Soul-flow Sunday

This class is an integration of yoga poses, somatic movement, sound healing, breath work and other ancient healing modalities to re-store and re-harmonize your mind/body. This class is suitable for all levels of yoga experience

This class is the first Sunday of every month.

Golden Chakra

Slow Flow and Stretch 8:30am Wednesday

This class is a beginner friendly class that focuses on the wellness of the body by utilizing stretches and yoga poses that assist you in building strength, improving flexibility, and learning yoga postures. This is great for individuals who want to learn yoga, would ike 1:1 assistance with yoga poses, or wanting to increase wellness in the body through gentle movement 

Yoga at Home

Radiant Vinyasa 
4:30pm Tuesday and Thursday
8:30am Saturday

Vinyasa refers to the progression and continuity between asanas (poses). Exploring awareness of body and breath, as we move between a sequence of poses. We will be weaving breath into asana practice, improving balance of mind and body, and working to improve endurance and flexibility.


This is a beginner friendly class. Modifications are offered for both the beginner and advanced student.


Trapeze Yoga

These classes are used with a Trapeze Yoga rig to help incorporate traditional yoga asanas (poses), breathwork, and relaxation. Regular Yoga Trapeze practice can help increase flexibility, strength, and range of movement, help reduce stress and tension.

Plus, it's FUN!

You will build core, upper body and the muscles along your backside in dozens of dynamic and fun postures. This will also help with spinal traction, lengthen and stretching of your spine for those who sit or stand for long periods of time.


Yoga Sculpt
5 am, 6:15 and and 5pm Wednesday

Yoga Sculpt is a unique combination of power yoga and strength training, designed to create a full body workout. Performed in a heated room,  combining yoga poses and hand held weights. This high-intensity workout will leave you feeling stronger, refreshed and uplifted.

Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle

Hot Yoga 

This class is more intense yoga performed in a room heated to 90+ degrees. This class is a synchronized movement used to transition from one pose to another.  This will help your body stretch, strengthen and restore from the inside out. This class is accessible for beginners, yet challenging for experienced yogis.

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