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Yoga Mat

Transform Yoga

Welcome to Transform Yoga in Mason City, Iowa. We are glad you're here!  Whether you are an experienced practitioner or new to yoga, we have a class for you. 


Online Classes

If you are not comfortable coming to an in-person class or would like to join from the comfort of your home, ask about our Facebook Live group for $20 a month. We have a class uploaded everyday.

Downward Dog

Half Lotus



The Joy of Yoga 

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Why Yoga? Why not..... 

There are so many benefits to starting yoga in your life. 

  • Better posture

  • Increases lung capacity

  • An increase in flexibility after 8 weeks of practice 

  • Decreases lactic acid in muscles and decreases pain in joints 

  • Increases metabolism and helps with digestion

  • Slower breathing techniques used in yoga decreases stress

  • Increases Arm strength by 12% after 16 classes

  • Increases oxygen to your brain! 

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